This is a utility to create sets of files in groups the right size to fill a CD. I use it to archive photos to CD.


You give the program a source directory (where your files are now), a destination (where you want the files to be), and a size limit (how big you want the archive collections to be. It creates archives called 001, 002 etc with copies your files in them, so that the total size of the 001 directory is whatever you specified. Normally that'll be a CD of about 700MB, or a DVD of about 4.7GB). Note that if a file is bigger than the archive size it just gets put in the destination, because my program doesn't chop up files to make them fit.

Here's an example that might help, based on what I do. I'm only showing directories, imagine that they're full of photos:

[source directory]
c:\new photos\
	  2004-apr-13 ride to work
	  2004-apr-17 Rainbow Warrior visit
	  2004-may-01 May Day Parade
MozArchiver copies (or moves, you choose) these into the destination directory like so:
[destination directory]
	  001\2004-apr-13 ride to work
	  001\2004-apr-17 Rainbow Warrior visit
	  002\2004-apr-17 Rainbow Warrior visit
	  002\2004-may-01 May Day Parade
	  003\2004-may-01 May Day Parade
	  004\2004-may-01 May Day Parade

So you've now got archives 001 to 004. Some files from the Rainbow Warrior directory are in archive one, some are in archive two. The may day files are spread over 3 archives. But if you just sit there with the CD's copying files onto a new hard drive you'll get everything back where it started. Which is what a backup is all about.

Note that the last archive is only part- full, and I don't handle that at all. You need to delete it or move the files back to the start yourself.

Things I intend to fix one day: any problems people report; make it handle partially full archives; give it a better user interface.


Theres the executable (download it, run it) and the Delphi 7 source code.

The program is freeware, you can do what you like with it, but you can't hassle me if it trashes your computer or makes your dog bite the postman. Well, you can, but it won't get you anywhere.