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gif of the CAD picture

I borrowed the Greenspeed pictured here from the Lamb family with a view to buying it. It's a tandem recumbent trike with trailer trike (trailer not pictured) Here's a Greenspeed photo of it. But it wasn't really what I wanted, despite the idea being a great one.

I started comparison shopping with the intention of not just making a Greenspeed clone, and looked around the web for ideas. Peter Eland has built his own, and TRICE in England make the X2 which breaks apart into very small sections. TriSled also have a tandem which I've seen photos of. But the more I look the more it seems that there is really only one tandem design - the Greenspeed one. Eventually I decided to buy a set of GS plans and go from there.

But getting to that point was entertaining. I bought a small notebook to record ideas in, and spent time thinking, drawing and talking to people. I asked a few questions on the trikes mailing list as well. Ken Wilson and Ian Humphries provided much needed advice, and tried very hard not to laugh at some of my ideas. I've recorded many of these ideas in these pages.

The first step for me is to build a trailer. This gives me some way to carry the bigger bits around easily, and also a chance to practice putting bike frames together. In the usual chicken-and-egg scenario, the easiest way to get the tube for the trailer home is to carry it on the trailer. The idea is to make something simple but with a decent carrying capacity. In this case a couple of BMX front wheels supporting some 1 3/4" tube, about 1.5m long and 1m wide. The attachment is going to be a bit crude, probably a couple of chain links (not bike chain!) and a clamp onto one side of the rear triangle.

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