MozLog - multithreaded log file for Delphi

I wrote this initially in about 1994 just as a basic "dump text to file" unit and it's grown from there into a robust threaded logging component that can handle quite high volumes of logging calls from multithreaded applications. mozdebuglog8.7z is current as of 2008 and I'm about to update it because I need it in my current job. I think it will work as is, but I haven't tested it so I'm not promising anything.

The other files have older versions, probably including a log-to-database version and one with a heap of log entry types so you can change the volume of logging at runtime.

I will, of course, update this page, possibly even this year.


  1. debug-log-misc.7z
  3. mozDebugLog.7z
  4. mozdebuglog8.7z
  6. password protected archive of stuff I'm working on right now